Haslam Continues to Push “Insure Tennessee”

Urging State lawmakers to set aside “easy political arguments” Republican Governor Bill Haslam last night pushed his “Insure Tennessee” plan before a skeptical General Assembly. Haslam continued to insist his plan cannot be linked with so called “Obamacare”, the Federal Health Insurance expansion that’s widely rejected by the GOP. Haslam wants lawmakers to adopt a two year program, taking $2.8 billion from Washington to fund vouchers for the purchase of private health insurance. He says the plan could cover as many as 280,000 currently uninsured working poor. Tennessee hospitals have pledged to cover any program deficits. But many Republican lawmakers reject the effort, and most observers believe Haslam’s plan will die in one of several house or senate committees and never will be brought up for a full floor vote in either chamber.

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