Shooter Records Video Footage of Reporter Shooting


The man suspected of shooting two journalists at a Virginia news station took video of the murders and posted the video to Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday morning.

Vester Flanagan, who goes by “Bryce Williams” on Twitter and Facebook, sent five tweets more than four hours after Alison Park, 24, and Adam Ward, 27, were shot dead during a live TV report for WDBJ7, the local CBS affiliate. One of them directed people to view the video on Facebook. Another contained the video itself.

In it, a man now all but confirmed to be Flanagan is seen walking up to the reporter’s live shot and aiming his black handgun at her while she interviews a woman, who has been identified as Vicki Gardner, executive director of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The shooter then fires two shots directly at the reporter as she turns and runs away screaming. The video then goes black as more gunshots are heard.

The tweets, which hinted at a motive and accused the victim of racism, were followed by one that contained the actual video of the shooting.

Suspect Tweets

Image: Twitter

“Alison made racist comments,” he said, expressing shock that the news channel “hired her after that.” He then said Ward “went to hr on me” after working with him.

The Twitter account, which was set up just last week, was suspended moments later. The Facebook account was suspended shortly thereafter.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said earlier on Wednesday that the suspect was a “disgruntled employee” and police identified him as Flanagan shortly thereafter.

While an arrest was initially said to be “imminent” in the hours after the shooting, Flanagan appeared to be at large.

Less than 20 minutes after he sent the tweets, CNN reported that the suspect had shot himself on a highway three hours away and was in critical condition.

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