WZTV Chattanooga: Jail Fight Started Because Juice Wasn’t Served At Dinnertime

WTVC NewsChannel 9 :: News - Top Stories - Inmate: Jail Fight Started Because Juice Wasn't Served At Dinnertime

An inmate who was involved in a jail fight said it all started over juice that wasn’t served during dinner.

“I was laying on my stomach with my hands behind my back and I said one thing out of line to them and they want to start kicking me in the face and things” said Daren Reese over the phone.

Coffee county jail was placed on lockdown following the incident. According to the sheriff, 35 officers including Manchester Police used tear gas after inmates refused to go to their cells for lockdown. He did not confirm whether the fight was in fact started over beverages at meal time.

“A stinger grenade is just a grenade that has tear gas in it, and it has some rubber pellets” said Shf. Steve Graves, describing some of the methods used to get inmates to cooperate.

“Just a few of the threw trays, the rest of them gave up and were cuffed without incident.”

Christopher Hill, an inmate at the facility, described his surprise “all fo a sudden we were flash bombed and the police come running from every door, beating us, hitting us, spraying us, and macing us.”

Sheriff graves said the incident lasted for only a few minutes, though inmates disagree with that timeline.

The district attorney is reviewing the video to determine if any inmates will receive additional charges over the fight.

WZTV – A look inside the pod where the jail fight took place.

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