Democrats Provide No Opposition in Upcoming Local Elections

After generations of dominating Coffee County Political Offices, it appears democrats have conceded that time is gone for now.

No Democrats qualified for their party’s primary election for County and State offices that will be picked up by voters next year.

Incumbent Property Assessor and Democrat Jimmy White is not seeking another term next year. No Democrats qualified for the March 1st primary to replace him. The Republican Primary for the assessor’s office will feature a 3 way race between Larry Macintosh, Roseanne Carden Riddle and Beverly H. Robinson. The winner of the primary will assume the office September 1st, 2016.

John E. Nicoll, a republican, is the only candidate qualifying for a special election to fill the open seat of 14th Judicial District Public Defender. The special election called next year due to the death of Public Defender Campbell Smoot.

Tullahoma Republican State Rep. Judd Matheny will also be on the Super Tuesday Primary Ballot as a Presidential Nominating Convention Delegate-at-Large.

In 2014 local Republicans swept control of the Coffee County Mayor’s office, as well as the Register of Deeds and Highway Superintendent’s Offices, ending years of Democratic Control.

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