Plane Runs Off Runway in Nashville

Investigators are trying to figure out what caused aSouthwest plane to slide off of a taxiway at Nashville International Airport Tuesday evening.

The flight was coming from Houston’s William P. Hobby Airport at around 5:30 p.m.

The Boeing 737 had landed and was moving on the taxiway when it rolled off into the grass and got stuck while taxiing to its gate.

A crane was used to lift the plane out of the ditch Wednesday morning before it was towed to a holding area at the airport.
Reginald Smith Jr. was one of the 133 passengers on board, and told News 2 that when the plane slid off of the runway, it felt like turbulence.There was some damage to the left side of the plane’s nose, according to officials.

“That’s what it felt like. We landed, we were coasting then we were bouncing up and down, then the next thing you know, by the way it felt like we were about to topple over as we were going into the ditch and you could feel the plane hit and stop,” said Smith.

He said flight attendants asked everyone to stay calm, and he was amazed how quickly they were able to get everyone off the plane.

Eight people were taken to TriStar Summit Medical Center, treated and released later Tuesday evening. Details on their injuries have yet to be released.

The FAA arrived Tuesday night to investigate the cause.

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