Tennessee AG Files Suite Against Oil Company

The Tennessee attorney general is now accusing one of the nation’s largest petroleum companies — Chevron and its subsidiaries, including Texaco — of a 30-year “prolonged and costly scheme” to fraudulently siphon more than $18 million from the fund.

The fund reimburses tank owners for expenses during spill cleanups, but is intended as a last-resort fund for owners who cannot afford the costs. Owners with private insurance must first seek cleanup costs from their insurance companies.

The lawsuit alleges the companies used taxpayer funds to pay for leaks and spills at more than 100 Tennessee gas stations — despite having private insurance that paid for the cleanup costs.

The lawsuit filed in Davidson County Chancery Court also accuses Chevron and its subsidiaries of filing falsified paperwork for millions of dollars to pay for leaks at storage tanks that occurred before the cleanup fund was operating.

Story from The Tennessean, Read More: http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/environment/2015/12/29/tennessee-sues-chevron-over-petroleum-spill-cleanup-costs/77434708/

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