Charges Continue Against Ooltewah AD and Coaches

Three employees of Ooltewah High School appear in Hamilton County Court on Monday for a preliminary hearing connected to charges they failed to report the extreme hazing and rape of an Ooltewah High School basketball player.

That player was sodomized with a pool cue and required hospitalization for a ruptured bladder. Three Ooltewah High School basketball players face charges for that incident, which happened at a cabin in Gatlinburg on December 22nd during a holiday tournament. They’re scheduled to appear in court next month.

Ooltewah Head Basketball Coach Andre Montgomery, assistant coach Karl Williams and athletic director Jesse Nayadley all appeared in court on Monday morning on charges they did not notify the Department of Children’s Services or any law enforcement after the incident happened. Scroll down to see our tweets from the testimony, which we are adding as they happen.

During that hearing, Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Rick Smith testified that the field trip had not been authorized by the school board (see below), which hadn’t yet been revealed in the case so far.

Gatlinburg Police Officer Rodney Burns also testified as to what he saw when called to investigate the incident. Scroll down to see more on that.

Ultimately, after several hours of testimony, Judge Robert Philyaw called a recess for about 45 minutes. He then returned and announced after much deliberation, he believes that there is probable cause to bound this case over to a grand jury.

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