Gov. Bill Haslam Slams Trump

Bill Haslam said Wednesday it wasn’t beneficial when presumptive Republican presidential nominee sharply criticized New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez after the chairwoman of the Republican Governors Association declined to endorse the New York business tycoon.

“At the end of the day I don’t think that’s helpful,” Haslam, a former RGA chairman himself who has yet to meet with Trump but wants to in order to do so, told reporters this afternoon.

“I mean, I think you have a lot of Republican governors who would like to see their next president be a Republican and we want to help.

“But,” Haslam added, “we also think that, like I said, from a state’s perspective there’s a lot of things that we’d like to share with a candidate from our party about what’s important in terms of state and federal relationships. We hope to have productive conversations.”

Trump last week attacked Martinez, one of the nation’s most high-profile Latina Republican politicians who has criticized Trump over his call for a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, during his own campaign rally in Albuquerque.

The presumed GOP nominee accused Martinez of “not doing the job” and blamed her on issues ranging from Syrian refugees, Albequergue’s high unemployment and increases in the number of New Mexico residents on food stamps.

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