Vanderbilt Pitcher Donny Everett Drowns in Manchester Lake

( Vanderbilt freshman pitcher Donny Everett died Thursday night in a drowning accident, a spokesman at the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department confirmed Friday confirmed Friday. He was 19.

According to The Tennessean, Coffee County (Tennessee) dispatchers sent a sheriff’s official and an ambulance to Normandy Lake at 5 p.m. Thursday after receiving reports of a drowning.Drowning – – Fantasy Radio Mail

Everett had come to Normandy Lake to fish with 2 teammates and 2 other people. According to all four individuals Everett was on the west side of the bridge with one of his friends when he entered the water and attempted to swim across to the east.

They stated that Everett got about halfway across the waterway when he began asking for help. All four individuals stated that they thought Everett was “just joking around” because he was smiling and did not seem to be in distress. One person did enter the water and pulled Everett several feet but stated that he is not a good swimmer and was struggling to stay afloat. He stated that Everett did not seem to be struggling.

The friend stated that he let go of Everett and swam back to shore still thinking Everett was “joking”. He stated that when he looked back, Everett had gone under and did not re-surface.

Coach Tim Corbin told players and coaches of Everett’s death on Thursday night, according to the paper.

The Commodores are scheduled to play in an NCAA Regional game against Xavier on Friday night. Vanderbilt spokesman Rod Williamson told The Tennessean that the status of Friday’s game has not yet been decided.

Everett, who was a standout at Clarksville (Tennessee) High School, was considered to be a potential first-round pick in the 2015 Major League Baseball Draft but remained steadfast in honoring his commitment to Vanderbilt.

The Milwaukee Brewers, however, still took a chance, selecting Everett in the 29th round.

Everett finished his freshman season at Vandy with a 1.50 ERA in 12 innings, and he pitched one shutout inning in the SEC tournament on May 24.

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